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How to Take your Digital Marketing Strategy to the Next Level in 2023

As 2022 quickly runs through its last months at a seemingly breakneck speed (this year really flew by!), perhaps now is a good time to take a short pause, draw a couple of deep breaths and take stock of what we have done and where we are going. Hardly anyone would not agree that this year has been a particularly eventful one in more ways than we can recount. After the previous couple of pandemic slowdown years, it seems like the world is trying to compensate for all the lost time. In the world of tech, more specifically, a lot of things have happened: from the speedy transformation of the metaverse from a concept to an ever more imminent reality and the dizzying rollercoaster trajectory of the crypto world, to the sudden boom of NFTs and the craze surrounding new techniques for AI-generated imagery, it is often very hard to keep track and stay updated. However, if you are involved in the field of Digital marketing—be it as a service provider or even just as someone with a digital front for their business—staying updated is a must. For this reason, we would like to present you with a couple of tips and insights about some of the trends that we predict will be important in the upcoming year for Digital marketing services in Australia and the world..

From e-commerce to quick commerce 

The appearance of COVID-19 transformed many of our day-to-day lives. However, while some of these changes have pretty much reverted to normal with the end of lockdown measures, others continue to linger on and solidify into new habits. As most of us know, the sheer quantity of online shopping taking place underwent a momentous boom in the last couple of years, with the mind-boggling increase in profits for companies like Amazon being the most obvious proof of this. However, it was not only the amount of online retail that changed but also the expectations that customers have of digital marketing services in Australia and beyond. When a great bulk of the online shopping taking place was suddenly daily essentials, food, and medicines, the business and logistics models used to sell commodities with a slower turnover time (such as electronics, clothing, toys, etc.) were no longer agile to meet consumer demand. Hence, a new business model stepped in: quick commerce. 

The chief difference between Quick commerce (or Q-commerce) and e-commerce is its sheer speed. It follows a business model with super-fast logistics to provide delivery in record times, ranging from one hour to up to 10 minutes. To achieve this, Q-commerce implements important shifts in delivery techniques, warehouse types and locations, and stock organisation. As a recent report cited in Forbes suggests, Q-commerce is set to gather a huge momentum in the years to come. In India—use the report’s example—the Q-commerce market is predicted to increase 15 times in size, reaching $5.5 billion by 2025. 

For this reason, if you have an e-commerce business focused on daily essentials or food, perhaps it could be good to start thinking about making the move to Q-commerce. This can be done by implementing a logistics and delivery plan which adapts to these new rhythms. 

Advertising in the Metaverse

Although Facebook’s rebranding as Meta and the announcement of their new focus on developing the Metaverse all took place in October last year, arguably it was not until this year that the implications for digital marketing services in Australia began to be discerned more clearly. Although immersive virtual environments have been around in several forms for around 20 years (think about The Sims or Second Life) the fact that Meta is now the main driving force behind their development is a momentous shift that should be taken very seriously. 

Although the Metaverse is currently more of a working concept than a fully working and self-contained immersive virtual reality, the possibilities that it presents for the future of digital marketing services in Australia are pretty much endless. As it develops, besides digital leisure you will also be able to create virtual shops, businesses, host events, and office spaces, and all these will present new avenues for digital marketing. Many of the biggest brands and marketing teams are already getting their foot in the door. Nike (one of the earliest adopters) created Nikeland, a purpose-built metaverse space on the Roblox platform where it offers exclusive digital collectables and products for digital avatars. 

This is an example of native advertising, where companies can create interactive spaces and place advertisements (in the form of billboards, for instance) within digital worlds. However, there will be many instances where the digital and analogue worlds will intermesh. Hyundai, for instance, has created a virtual Motorstudio where users can explore and use different vehicles in an immersive environment before buying them in real life. As a branding agency in Australia, we can assure you that this is just the start. 

Investors continue to funnel money into the development of the Metaverse, and although many might be sceptical about its future, we can confidently expect it to gain further traction and popularity in the upcoming years and become an essential part of digital marketing services in Australia.

Digital marketing services in Australia - Nikeland

Digital Marketing Services in Australia: Influencer marketing, chatbots, and conversational AI

Besides the two new trends that we just mentioned, there are others which are not entirely new, but rather continue to gather momentum and solidify into must-do’s for any digital business worth its name. Artificial intelligence has come to play a central role in customer service. Although they have already been around for a while, chatbots continue to establish themselves as a baseline requirement for businesses of all sizes. They help to answer queries and engage with customers at all times, including outside working hours. For this reason, some have identified chatbots as the fastest-growing brand communication channel today. An agency offering web development services in Australia can help you set up a chatbot. Implementing one will make your business seem more available for inquiries and more willing to assist your customers 24/7. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also go the extra mile and implement a more complex form of a chatbot called Conversational AI. The latter utilizes Natural Language Processing techniques that result in more complex (and also more helpful) interactions.

Likewise, marketing through influencers continues to be a glowingly popular way for brands to engage with people on social media. This is the case particularly with their Gen-Z customer base on platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, as any good branding agency in Australia will know. For this reason, As of today, it is said to be a form of advertising responsible for bringing in $5.20 for every $1 spent, according to Influencer Marketing Hub. Whatever social strata or generation your business caters to, you can probably find an influencer who can give that extra push to your engagement in social media.

Digital Marketing Services in Australia: Inbound Marketing, SEO, and Digital Branding 

These last two are not trends anymore, but rather well-established foundations for any solid digital marketing strategy today. It is for this reason that they deserve to be mentioned. Furthermore, they intersect with all of the other trends discussed above in interesting ways. 

As we have mentioned in a previous blog post, traditional forms of ‘outbound’ marketing have been replaced by inbound marketing, which focuses on earning people’s attention rather than forcing themselves into it. It also attempts to draw in potential customers organically through branding and quality content, rather than through intrusive advertising. 

An important part of this is reaching the right audiences, and this can be done through partly through Search Engine Optimisation, one of the main pillars of inbound marketing today.  Search engines rank web pages by quality, content, and click-through rate, and will use this ranking to decide which relevant pages will be shown first in every specific search according to the specific user profile. Getting a good ranking requires expertise in SEO techniques. This is one of the services included in our catalogue of digital marketing services in Australia.

Digital branding is also more important than ever since social media platforms have become a crucial place where brand identity building occurs nowadays. As already mentioned, influencer marketing can play a huge role in this by associating your brand with highly relatable online personas. Likewise, the Metaverse is already showing some examples of new and exciting ways to implement branding strategies in interactive environments.

As an agency specialised in all areas of  digital marketing services in Australia, at Wombat we are very excited about these new developments and we are committed to assisting you in staying ahead of the curve with your business. Take a look at the services we offer or get in touch with us through our contact form and book a free 30 min consultation!

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