5 Ways To Make An Eco-Friendly Website

Taking care of the planet is something that we all can do by changing daily habits, such as riding a bike rather than using the car or buying a reusable cup for our takeaway coffee. However, not everyone is aware of the fact that searching for something in Google, reading an online blog or posting on social media also have an environmental impact. 

In fact, according to the Website Carbon Calculator, Internet generates 2% of all the CO2 emissions in the planet. Moreover, its yearly electricity consumption surpasses the UK’s.

That’s why website owners need to acknowledge their role in this matter and reach out to a website design agency that can help them create responsible and eco-friendly sites. Not all web development services in Australia have this on their radar, however, this topic will be increasingly present in the online world very soon. 

If you care about the planet and want to make a difference online, here are 5 ways in which you can start being environmentally responsible through your website:

#1 Choose a ‘Green’ Web Host

Web hosts store data from millions of sites and portals, which translates into a colossal use of energy and electricity. In fact, according to Data Center Knowledge, the global amount of CO2 released by web hosts is equivalent to the emissions made by the airline industry. 

The main feature of an eco-friendly web host is its use of renewable energy. Moreover, companies who own these kinds of hosts also engage in sustainable practices and sometimes even donate to environmental causes. 

Finding a green web host will be easy if you reach out to web design services in Melbourne  that know about the topic. And whilst eco-friendliness is yet to take centre-stage in the field of web development services in Australia, the good news is that there are serious agencies that already consider this a priority. 

#2 Speed Up! 

A fast and efficient website doesn’t only mean happy users, but also a better world. The reason is simple: the longer it takes for a website to load, the more energy it will require. 

An up-to-date website design agency will help you optimize your site with strategies such as image compression, the use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) or techniques such as lazy-loading. And there’s no question about it: web development services in Australia will increasingly take this path.  

#3 Enhance Your Findability 

Every time a person makes a search online, energy and electricity are put into use, and this increases even more if the user needs to visit different sites to finally find the information he or she needs.

In fact, Google has reported that, for every search, 0.2 grams of CO2 are released. At the same time, according to Internet Live Stats, over 3.5 billion searches are done daily through this search engine… so you do the maths. 

The best you can do to reduce this number is to increase the findability of your site, and this is only possible if you follow a correct SEO strategy. When looking for digital marketing services in Melbourne, remember to keep this in mind. 

#4 Design is Key

As you probably imagine by now, a website’s content also impacts the environment: the more animations, videos, images and codes, the more energy it will demand.

However, this doesn’t mean that your site needs to be basic or dull! Today, a professional website design agency is capable of delivering attractive and dynamic sites without the need of overloading the web.  

Of course, this goes hand in hand with user experience, which needs to be swift and simple. Therefore, digital marketing services in Melbourne who care about their clients and about the planet will pay special attention to their design. 

#5 Make Accessibility a Priority

Whilst some users will visit your site from their mobile, others will do so from their tablet, their laptop or their desktop. If all of them can navigate swiftly through your website, the amount of energy required will dramatically decrease. 

That’s why, if you’re looking for web design services in Melbourne that can help you reach eco-friendly goals, you should make sure the agency you choose includes accessibility amongst its priorities. 


Taking care of the planet is a shared responsibility in which the digital world also plays its part. From online shops to blogs, all online sites can find ways to optimize their processes and contribute to the cause. 

The most avant-garde web design services in Melbourne are conscious of this and increasingly point their efforts toward this direction. There’s no doubt about it, digital marketing services in Melbourne who care about the planet are a guarantee of innovation. 

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