5 Ways In Which COVID-19 Has Boosted Digital Transformation of SMEs

The transition of companies to the digital world is a process that, until now, had been taking place at a steady, yet gradual pace. Whilst some enterprises had already managed to swiftly adapt to the new scenarios enabled by technology, others were planning to carry out the crossover throughout the years. Moreover, many more were yet to take the leap, finding themselves detached and unfamiliar with the digital arena. All of this changed this 2020 due to one reason: COVID-19.

In a matter of months, the pandemic has transformed our lives, from the way we have fun to the way we work, along with our social interactions and, of course, the way we shop. That’s why, regardless of their size, enterprises all around the globe have been forced to modify their dynamics and adapt to a new reality in which the Internet plays a crucial role.

Today, digital marketing services in Melbourne are essential for companies in this city to survive, and the services provided by a digital marketing agency in Australia are now as necessary as in any other part of the world. The know-how of an expert from a content marketing agency can make all the difference for a business, and choosing the right web design agency in Melbourne is key for local SMEs to thrive in this new panorama.
There is no doubt about the increasing speed of this transition. In fact, a global study carried out by communication platform Twilio revealed that, on average, COVID-19 accelerated the digital communication strategy of companies by six years. And mark these words: once this process has started, there’s no way back.

These are 5 ways in which COVID-19 has driven the digital transformation of SMEs:

#1 Websites

‘I’m online, therefore I exist’. This could be the phrase that has begun to govern the world, and in the field of SMEs, it gets stronger by the day. Why? The pandemic has forced business owners and their clients to interact online, leaving behind anyone who doesn’t adapt.

Digital marketing services in Melbourne are helping these companies stay close to their customers through digital communication methods, and in these, websites play a fundamental role. Today, an online site is no longer just a virtual shop window, but a pivotal factor for the final result.

Of course, a website’s success depends on well-thought strategies devised by a content marketing agency that’s up-to-date in the matter. At the same time, a web design agency in Melbourne should always be mindful of the content and the form of the si

#2 Social Media Presence

Social media deserves a category on its own, for whilst in recent years their importance for the success of SMEs had been growing exponentially -especially for their capacity to boost brand image and build community- 2020 has given them a massive push.

According to Kantar, Instagram and Facebook saw a 40% increase in user activity just in March, the month in which the pandemic was announced by the World Health Organization.

This is why today, any content marketing agency will offer social media services, even in its most simple plan. Yet beware! It’s not only about increasing your company’s presence in these platforms, but also about implementing an intelligent strategy designed by true experts

#3 Online Sales

COVID-19 has given e-commerce a tremendous push. Due to necessity more than to a fleeting trend, consumers that had never purchased anything through the Internet have decided to take this step. And by doing so, they’ve discovered an alternative that simplifies their lives.

At the same time, online stores are no longer a mere complement to physical stores, but the number one setting where transactions take place. Online sales have risen significantly and are now a pivotal element in the commercial world.

As never before, local SMEs are reaching out to digital marketing services in Melbourne in order to adapt their sales processes, attract the right customers and make the crossover to a digital scenario. Because there’s no question about it, this scenario has come to stay.

#4 Automatization

Due to its nature, SMEs tend to carry out many of their processes manually, from updating spreadsheets to phone customer service. But the pandemic is demanding businesspeople to optimise their times in order to focus on what’s really urgent.

Due to this, multiple local companies have opted for the automatization of daily tasks, asking specialists to provide them with tools such as chatbots and making use of services such as Zapier, Xero and MailChimp to speed up their work.

Thus, when choosing a digital marketing agency in Australia, business owners must make sure that what they offer can lead them adequately through the path of automatization, which is crucial to move swiftly in turbulent times.

#5 Remote Working

Home office was increasingly being mentioned in the world of business, but only a few companies were starting to try it out. This 2020, without prior notice, the pandemic sent millions of people to their homes, and in a matter of days, remote working became a reality.

Zoom, Slack, Trello, Microsoft Teams and Google Docs are now part of the daily vocabulary of millions of workers, with both digital natives and digital migrants using these tools alike. By the way: recruitment processes are now also online.


In the world of SMEs, digital transformation is like a road that was travelled only by some and that, due to an unprecedented event, became a busy high-speed highway in a matter of days.

Thus, the assistance of a content marketing agency is now fundamental for businesses, and finding the correct web design agency in Melbourne can make the difference between succeeding or missing out. It is a fact: after COVID-19, reaching out to a digital marketing agency in Australia must no longer be considered a luxury, but as priority number one.

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